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The Center for Modern Surgery is an independent outpatient surgical facility – also known as an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) – providing multi-specialty care for patients needing general, urological, gynecological, pain management, and other surgeries. The Center for Modern Surgery is fully licensed and certified with state-of-the-art equipment to protect each patient’s health and well-being, and was designed with the safety, comfort, and privacy of each patient in mind.

Our medical staff is trained in the most advanced aspects of laparoscopic surgery. They are caring, sensitive, and concerned about patients’ well-being, and they are dedicated to making every experience a positive one. Patients’ comfort and safety are top priorities for the Center for Modern Surgery team, and we strive to provide superior surgical outcomes and outstanding medical care, at all times.

The highly advanced surgical techniques used at our surgery center allow patients to recover sooner, in the comfort of their homes. For long-distance travelers, out of town patients and patients whose families reside out of state, there are several local hotels we would be happy to recommend.

Changing our patients’ lives for the better is our top priority.

Benefits of Having Surgery at Our ASC

The Center for Modern Surgery is independent from hospitals and offers safety advantages that, during this pandemic, are more important than ever.

Maximum Safeguards Against COVID-19

The Center for Modern Surgery does not treat patients with COVID-19, and our same-day discharge model quickly gets you back to the safety of your home. Our smaller footprint is easier to keep clean and sterilized, and fewer people enter our facility at any given time.

We continue to serve patients and provide them with much needed, high quality, lower cost surgeries in a healthcare setting where we don’t treat COVID-19 patients. We focus on safety through expanded policies and protocols in accordance with proven national health and safety guidelines including:

  • Preoperative COVID-19 screening and testing in advance of elective surgeries for all patients.
  • CDC recommended cleaning protocols in all areas of facilities and equipment
  • Masking requirements for visitors, patients, and staff
  • Social distancing and limiting visitors to our facilities
  • Protocols, policies, and personal protection equipment (PPE) during all points of care

Faster Scheduling of Your Procedure

COVID-19 has caused many hospitals to significantly postpone elective surgeries. Delaying treatment often results in worsening of symptoms, potential complications and the need for more invasive surgery. You can bypass the hospital backlog and have your procedure much faster at The Center for Modern Surgery, where streamlined processes and efficiencies allow us to make your health and safety the priority.

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Unparalleled Expertise

The Center for Modern Surgery specializes in advanced minimally invasive procedures. Our state-of-the-art center is fully equipped for nearly all types of general, urological, gynecologic, and pain management surgery.

Below is a list of physicians credentialed to perform surgery at CMS according to specialty:


Before Surgery

All patients receive pre-operative instructions from the surgical scheduler.

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Day of Surgery

Learn how to prepare
for the day of surgery.

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After Surgery

Review postoperative instructions
provided by your physician.

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Billing & Finances

The Center for Modern Surgery (CMS) fees are based on the type of surgery performed. Our fees cover the facility, routine surgical supplies, and nursing care. Our staff will assist with obtaining insurance pre-certifications or authorizations that are now required by many insurance companies.

We will contact your insurance carrier prior to your date of service and provide you with an estimate of your responsibility.  Your co-pay and deductible amounts are due on or before your date of service.  We will submit your bill directly to your insurance carrier for processing.  A claim will also be sent to your secondary insurance upon receipt of payment or denial from your primary carrier.  If you have no secondary insurance, a bill will be sent to you for any balance after receipt of payment or denial from your insurance carrier.  We must make a copy of each insurance card at the time of registration.

CMS’ fee does not include any anesthesia, laboratory, pathology, or Physician Assistant fees that may be associated with the procedure. These services will be billed separately.

If any financial arrangements need to be made, please contact CMS’s billing department at 240-669-3134.

You will be contacted prior to your surgery with an estimated procedure cost for your surgery.  Payment in full is expected on or before your date of service.


We partner with many insurance plans as in-network providers, as well as others as out-of-network providers. Our staff is trained to handle insurance claims, so you don’t have to.

We also help patients without health coverage and with high deductible plans, to find a workable solution.

Please note that CMS’s billing office staff members are always available to help you:

  • As a courtesy, we will obtain prior authorization if necessary and bill your primary insurance on your behalf. Please bring a copy of your insurance card and ID on the day of surgery. If you have more than one insurance carrier, please also bring any necessary secondary billing information.
  • Or, if you have questions about your bill and what is covered by insurance, please contact the CMS billing department at 240-669-3134.
  • If you anticipate needing any special financial arrangements, the CMS billing department can explain your options.

Please contact your insurance provider if you have additional questions regarding your out-of-pocket costs.

*This notice is shared with you in accordance with the New Jersey Out-of-network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act.