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Changing lives for the better is what our new surgery center is all about. Designed with our patients, their families , and our staff in mind, The Center for Modern Surgery (CMS) inspires positive transformation for all who pass through our doors. We are located in Secaucus, NJ right off 95. CMS is only 30 minutes from downtown NYC and most other major locations in Northern NJ.

The Center for Modern Surgery is a free-standing outpatient multi-specialty surgical facility, and has the distinction of being one of only a few surgery centers in the U.S. that performs major Gynecologic procedures safely and effectively without requiring a hospital. Value Based Care is the cornerstone of CMS’s philosophy – the highest quality of care at the lowest possible cost. To achieve this goal, CMS has focused on important issues that maintain this goal moving forward.

Center for Modern Surgery
210 Meadowlands Pkwy 5
Secaucus, NJ 07094
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CMS has safety protocols and procedures in place that make it a safer option than the hospital and is fully licensed and certified with state-of-the-art equipment to protect your health and well-being. It is designed with your safety, comfort and privacy as our primary concerns.

Infection rates are far lower including Covid, which is essentially non-existent.

Staffing is focused on only a few service lines – not many as in a hospital – allowing better care from pre-operative to post-operative for patients.

Techniques and procedures performed by ISC surgeons provide the lowest complications, fastest recovery, and lower pain levels that typical hospital-based surgeons.

Conversion to open surgery is essentially ZERO.

Cell-Savers – a device that can transfuse the patients’ blood back during surgery – are in place and available at all times, eliminating blood transfusions.

Anesthesia is staffed ONLY by experienced MDs – not Nurse Anesthetists – to ensure the highest level of safety for every patient.

Accredited by AAAHC – one of the most stringent national companies certifying surgery center safety and quality.

Patient Core Quality

CMS prides itself on providing a higher level of patient care than the hospital due to its “core focus” centering on surgery ONLY, with nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists that ensure quality and consistency.

The Focus is on Surgery ONLY. Hospitals are focused on the treatment of patients ranging from medical care to surgical care. At CMS, the ONLY focus is surgery. This means that all of CMS’s resources are directed to the patient and their surgical procedure as the number ONE priority. Our operating rooms and recovery rooms undergo stringent inspection by the State regulatory agency for surgical facilities and are accredited by AAAHC for major surgical procedures, the highest possible rating.

The Focus is on Nursing. From pre-operative to post-operative and follow up, nursing care is focused and directed toward the outpatient management of patients. Every patient that leaves ISC is followed and contacted to ensure all questions are answered and care goals have been reached. Our professional nursing staff is trained and skilled in the most advanced aspects of surgery. They are caring, sensitive and concerned about your safety and comfort and they are dedicated to making your experience a positive one.

The Focus is on Surgeons. CMS is affiliated with the highest level of surgical expertise. In fact, some of the surgeons at CMS have developed techniques and procedures published in peer reviewed journals that have been proven to have the lowest complications and fastest recovery compared to any surgeon at any hospital in the US – and their practices are limited to CMS exclusively.

The Focus is on Anesthesia. CMS has dedicated MD anesthesia staff who are skilled, experienced, and who have a specific interest in the successful management of outpatient surgery for major and minor cases. They can provide a wide range of anesthesia choices which are determined to provide safety and comfort during your procedures including general anesthesia for patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery.

Value Based Care

The combination of Safety and Patient Core Quality results in the highest level of surgical outcomes associated with the lowest possible cost. This is considered “Value Based Care” and it is what all physicians and facilities strive to achieve.

Value Based Care is the best option for patients, healthcare providers, and insurers since it lowers complications, results in the best outcomes, and dramatically decreases the cost to the patient and the healthcare system.

Surgery performed at CMS will actually decrease the cost to patients dramatically. For most major surgical procedures performed at CMS, the cost savings to the patient alone compared to the hospital can be as high as $2,000 dollars or more.


Specialized techniques and procedures performed at CMS allow patients to recover with far less pain and much faster than similar procedures performed by surgeons at hospitals.

All patients undergoing surgery at CMS leave the same day – major or minor – because they CAN due to much lower pain levels and better tolerance of surgery.

For Advanced Major Procedures: Specialized approaches to surgery through CMS surgeons allow patients the option of going back to work in as little as 7 to 10 days.

For Minor Procedures: Specialized approaches allow patients back to work in as fast as one day, up to 3-5 days for more advanced minor surgery such as endometriosis.

For long-distance travelers, out of town patients and patients whose families reside out of state: many patients will go back home the same day depending on location or will stay in the area for a few days. Regardless, the time frame to recover after CMS procedures is much faster, with many patients very pleased with their recovery time, increased mobility, and significantly lower pain levels.

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